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*There is an SHGN MFL/Regulatory fee of $6.95 or less for all leagues.

*There is a deposit for all dynasty leagues to be paid when entering a new startup dynasty league. All our competitors in this space ask for anywhere from a 50% of entry fee deposit up to a full entry fee for a deposit. Ours is the cheapest out there. This deposit will be refunded if an owner is still a paid up member of the league at the time it folds. We have never folded a league yet. We do everything we can to keep leagues running. Should an owner leave, their deposit is forfeited and will go to help us defray the cost of replacing teams. (starting with all new dynasty leagues after 6/11/2020)

Turn location on to pay -- Use credit card or balance. Do not pay with bank (ACH or E-Check) -- Do not use an Apple Id hidden email relay to join.

Once you pay, you will receive an invite to the MFL league host. This email will be sent to the email you have registered with leaguesafe. This is usually pretty quick, but could take up to 24 hours. It's really within a couple hours but they don't send overnight (after about 9PM EST). So then it would come in the morning.

Drafts: 4 hours with 8 hour overnight pause -- Start: 10AM EST, day after filling. (unless otherwise marked)

Auctions: proxy, 16 hour timer resets on high bidder change, 60 player board, 5 nomination max per team at a time

SF: Superflex

TE: Tight End Premium (they get 2.0 PPR)

You can't purchase new teams if you abandoned 3 or more previous years or have traded a 2021 1st and haven't paid for it

SafeLeagues pays for licensing and registration in nearly all states that have one and allow fantasy sports to be played. Due to this, there are only a few states where fantasy sports are banned: Arizona, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, Vermont, Montana, or Washington. We are legal in all other states and Canada. Unfortunately SafeLeagues isn’t legal outside of US/Canada.

SafeLeagues has never closed a league!
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